The Sniper Turret is a building that shoots at lower fire rate, longer range, and higher damage. Though it does more damage than a Simple Turret, it is not necessarily a better substitute since there are benefits to the Simple Turret as well. The Sniper Turret can be upgraded into a Semi-Automatic Sniper and the Anti-Tank Gun.

The Semi-Automatic Sniper does the same damage as the Sniper Turret but has a fire rate of about the Simple Turret. The Anti-Tank Gun, as it names states, is highly effective for taking out tanks as it does enormous damage but fires slowly.
Name Cost Description Image
Sniper Turret 80 High damage, long range, but slow fire rate.
Sniper Turret
Semi-Automatic Sniper 180 Higher fire rate, same damage. Good against infantry.
Semi-Automatic Sniper
Anti-Tank Gun 300 Huge damage, slow fire rate. Effective in destroying tanks.
Anti-Tank Gun

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